Shall we play the Tousenkyou?


Mrs. Shibuya, Ms. Usui and students.

Fans and the target (red butterfly on the box).

”Tousen-Kyou” is not magnificent game. Please play at ease.

When you make the butterfly, please prepare these things↓.

          ↓                      ↑Box or can.
     Hand made butterfly!
1 Sit down Japanese style, with the buttocks on top of the ankles .

Distance of player to target is 5 fans.
2 Fly fan 5 or 10 or 12times( as long as you want).

Players altimately fry fans.(Fly 5 times each time.)

Don't thud against the target! It get points off if you do that.

Mrs.Shibuya and Ms,Usui are checking the score sheet.
".....It is high score!"

Mark change with the places and angles on which the fan landed.
Please see this URL for details!

"I'm tired, so I want to eat something swee!."
At tea time, we ate Dango(rice dumpling ), chocolate, cake...

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